Sharepoint list does not group correctly on a calculated field

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I have a Sharepoint list with a field "Day", where users enter a date.

I have a calculated field, "Week", that finds the week number of "Day".

When I group by "Week", the list only shows the first value of "Week" (week 15) although it holds entries for several weeks.
I have no filteres applied.

If I change the list to group by another field, e.g. "Day", it works find.

I suspect there is a bug, when grouping by calculated fields?

Any comment is more than welcome.



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Hi @MichaelDano 

grouping by a calculated field works in general... See here


Could you share the formula you used in the calculated field?

Did you group the view using the arrow down next to the column header or did you edit the view in classical mode using "Edit current view" and then scrolling down to "Group By"?

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Hi @SvenSieverding

The week number formular (with ";" and not "," which work for my location in DK):

I'm using modern Sharepoint and edited the view, scrolled down to grouping and set "Week" as group by..

I've now tried the group by function next to the column header, and that didn't work either ...

I'm not sure why I have to use ";" instead of "," in my formulas, but guess it must have something to do with local settings?

Hi @MichaelDano,

I'm not sure why I have to use ";" instead of "," in my formulas, but guess it must have something to do with local settings?

It is the same with german local setting. I think it is because we use the comma as a separator in a decimal number and not the dot... So we can't use the comma a parameter-seperator in a formula and have to use the semicolon.....   

Nevertheless.... I used your formula in a calculated column and set the grouping as you described.
All rows were grouped nicely, so i could not reproduce your issue.

Could you create a brand new view with just the fields "Title","Day" and "Week" and check if this issue occurs there, too?

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I've created a brand new view - same problem.
I've created a brand new list, with just these 3 fields (title, day, week) - and it works fine!?
On the first list (that doesn't work) I have some Power Automate on top of it. Could that conflict in any way?

Thanks again @SvenSieverding
Hi again
In the list that didn't work, I created a new calculated field "Week Number" and added the formular and created a new list ... and magic ... now it works!
Thanks Sven for pushing me into solution mode as I was giving up :)
Hi again again
I can see now, that your suggestion on creating a new view will do the job. However, I didn't use the standard view in the first attempt, but based the new view on an existing view, which didn't work.
So creating a new view based on the standard view was the right solution. THANKS!