SharePoint list customize forms after couple of months getting the error exceed number of lookup

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SharePoint list customize forms after a couple of months of getting the error exceeding the number of lookup columns in the list. there is no change in the list settings but when we migrate the same structure as the new list and again customize it is works for now not sure what is going wrong with this list.

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Hi @shafishaik4786 


It seems like you are encountering an issue with exceeding the number of lookup columns in a SharePoint list after a few months of customizing forms. The fact that migrating the same structure to a new list resolves the problem indicates that there might be some underlying issues with the original list. Let's explore some possible reasons for this behavior:

  1. Data Growth: Over the course of a few months, the original list might have experienced significant data growth, leading to an increase in the number of lookup columns being utilized. Each lookup column consumes a certain amount of resources, and when the total exceeds SharePoint's limitations, it can cause errors.

  2. Complexity of Lookups: If the lookup columns involve complex relationships or numerous cross-references, it can also contribute to exceeding the allowed lookup columns. This might have happened gradually as data evolved over time.

  3. List Thresholds: SharePoint has certain limitations, including the List View Lookup Threshold, which is the maximum number of lookup columns allowed for a list before it starts throwing errors. It's possible that the original list's growth has now surpassed this threshold, causing the issue.

  4. Corruption or Misconfiguration: Although you mentioned no change in the list settings, it's possible that some corruption or misconfiguration occurred over time, leading to this problem. These issues can sometimes be hard to identify and may not manifest until they reach a critical point.

To address this issue and prevent it in the future:

A. Optimize Lookup Columns: Review the lookup columns in the original list and try to simplify or optimize their relationships where possible. Consider reducing the number of lookup columns or using calculated columns instead.

B. Archive or Purge Old Data: If possible, archive or purge older data from the original list to reduce its size and the number of lookup columns in use.

C. Regular Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance and checks on your SharePoint lists to identify and fix potential issues before they escalate. This includes monitoring the list's growth and evaluating its performance periodically.

D. Consider Managed Metadata: Instead of using lookup columns, consider using Managed Metadata columns for certain scenarios. Managed Metadata allows for more efficient and organized data relationships.

E. Monitor List Thresholds: Keep track of the List View Lookup Threshold and other relevant thresholds in SharePoint to be aware of potential issues before they become critical.

F. Versioning and Backups: Always maintain backups of your customized forms and configurations. This way, if issues arise, you can revert to a previous version that was known to be working correctly.

By following these steps, you should be able to address the issue with exceeding the number of lookup columns in your SharePoint list and prevent it from occurring again in the future.