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Hi all,

I want to create a custom sharepoint list that contain a list of items each assigned to different people. I want to provide these people with the access, so that they can then log their response to the items assigned by choosing from a dropdown menu. 


For this list of items, I only wish for them to be able to amend that particular column that is meant for their response from the dropdown menu, and all other columns should be non-editable. I also want to create the same form four times but each under different tabs spanning across the entire year (hence the tabs will be Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4). 


My questions will be:

1. How can I create the list such that only one column is editable?

2. How can I create the tabs under the same view?

3. How can I automatically log the response made to the backend excel file that I have used to create the list?

4. Will it be possible to automate the process of sending reminder email to the people who have yet to respond before the due date?


Thank you in advance

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@SNNNNN for 1 and 2 you'll need to use Power Apps (either as a standalone app or as a customised form for the list items). That way you can make individual columns view only leaving just one column as editable. For 3 and 4 you will need to create flows in Power Automate.


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Thank you for your explanation. Can I just understand further how I can achieve 1 and 2 with power automate? Is there a guidance on this that I can refer to? Tried to find for information on the web but I am not able to find any guidance on this.


Appreciate your help, thank you!

@SNNNNN No I said you need to use Power Apps for 1 and 2, not Power Automate.



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