SharePoint List: Create column that saves activities for an item

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I'm working in the SharePoint List app. I'd like to create a column in the list that shows a history of activities within the item, similar to a version history.


However, when adding a column, I don't see an option that lends itself to this functionality.


Is there a way to allow a user to edit an item in a SharePoint List that keeps track of the time, date, and user who created the activity?

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Hi @Fossbender11,

you could create a "multiple lines of text" column and set the "Append changes to existing text" switch to true

Now you can enter a comment to the history field


And if you edit the item again you will see that comment and who commented it when

Now you got a history of that textfield....

If you configure that field to be required, then a user must enter a comment for each item update. That comment, the username and the date will be saved.

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