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Hi, Let me explain my use case. 
I'm building a Power Apps App to fill in different forms. This App is used company-wide. Because Power Apps are new to my company a SharePoint Site has been created to store all the data. Inside this site, there is currently, 1 list (Database) to view, create, and edit items. All the users need to have these permissions. I've edited the contributor role and deleted the "edit items" property. This is because the users with this property enabled can edit my site page. 

To overcome this I've added the user group for the whole company to the list. Gave the group the edit items access and it should work. The problem is that the permissions change to "Can't download" User can view but can't download. I can create and delete but can't edit the items. 

Or I want to restrict the users from editing the page, or want to give the group edit access.
How can I fix this issue? 

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@Waterblikje Try following this:

  1. Create a SharePoint group (or Azure AD group) and all users (who should have access to the list) in the group.
  2. Go to list settings, break permissions inheritance and grant Contribute permissions to the newly created group: Customize permissions for a SharePoint list or library. Remove existing permissions granted to users.

Related ReadSharePoint Server user permissions and permission levels - most of the permission levels are same for SharePoint Online as well.

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