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Is there a way to make inline editing active according to a value in another column of the list ?


e.g. if I have two text columns called "Editable" and "FieldName", could I get an inline editing of the cells "FieldName" only if the cell "Editable" is equal to "Yes" ?


I have tried



  "elmType": "div",
  "inlineEditField": "=if([$Editable]=='Yes',[$FieldName],'')",
  "txtContent": "[$FieldName]"






"inlineEditField": {
	"operator": ":",
	"operands": [
		"operator": "==",
		"operands": [




Thanks for your help. 

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@JulienG_ this is not possible by design.  Instead, you can setup multiple elements that display or hide based on status.  Using your example, you would want to set up your json like the image below.  Lines 1-8 show the element that is editable inline when [$Editable]=='Yes'.  However, that field is "No" the editable element will not show (i.e. display is set to none) and the non-editable element will show up instead.