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I want to change the width of a column in a list. 

I changed the column width with the following JSON script. Unfortunately, the changes are not applied. Does anyone have an idea?

"$schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"color": "green",
"width": "100px"

Screenshot 2023-03-19 070015.jpg

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As per my understanding if you want to resize column then you don't need column formatting. You just need to resize with default functionality and it will be stored permanently



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@Andreas2395 You can drag column header to increase the width of column.


Also, you have to save the view using "Save view as" option to make same column width available for other users as well.


Check my answer on this post for detailed step by step answer: SharePoint Modern List - Increase column width with JSON Issue 

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