Sharepoint List - Certain records are hidden unless cache is cleared/ cookies deleted... why?

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Not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue. I have a sharepoint list which is used by many users across the business. There's been a growing number of cases of certain records disappearing for multiple users, if they filter on a value that exists nothing appears.

The fix has been to either use incognito mode or to clear their cache and reload, with the record then appearing... It's becoming a real pain. 


Has anyone else experience this? If so, is there a fix?



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@James8u  We have exactly the same issue! Will be following this. 

@carel_evertse That's good to know we're not the only ones!

Update on our side: When we clear cookies/cache the list is temporarily correct but as soon as a new item is added, the list reverts back to the faulty one of the individual user. As the list is an important part of a Power Automate flow, it's causing quite a bit of headache for us.

@James8u see whether this solutions works for you too? 


Update your Onedrive to version > 23.174.0820.0003

same issue here, i noticed that i had the same problem but 2-3 days later it disappeared... now other users have it, and they have the issue even if same windows version or onedrive version (can not confirm both yet). if user logged in to other machine the problem was not present so it is tied to some software...
This can happen with the offline mode sync - you could try disabling offline mode in list settings?

I noticed that in classic experience user can see all (but it wont open the custom form)

It's definitely cookies related, which kinda blows my mind.
I would understand and still criticize it, it was related to an outdated cache, but delete the cache didn't do anything for me.
I had to delete the Sharepoint cookies and login again in order to get items to show up in the New Experience.

Sadly this was only a short success. After a single page load the issued returned.
Deleting the cookies will result in items being shown in the New Experience but after a single page reload, the items are gone again and can only be seen when using the Classic Experience or searching for the Title.
On top, the PowerApp that created the entry doesn't find the item either unless when the Title is looked up.

Our users are having the similar issues when clicking refresh and clearing the cache. We've had it happen that a user boots their computer, opens a browser that has been set to clear its cache upon closing and is presented with an out-of-date version of a SP page.
It's almost as if the cloud server for our SharePoint page is holding its own cached image of the site pages.
Hi all, sorry for the radio silence.
Thanks for the suggestions below. I've tried all or most of the ideas, but still have the issue sadly.
Weirdly I now found that the same issue can be observed in a PowerApp that uses the same List: New rows are only found by searching for the Title, potentially other fields, but they are not shown when retrieving all rows, just like in the Sharepoint frontend.
That only makes it even more confusing since deleting cookies will fix the issue for a single page load on the web frontend which at first glance seemed to be pure frontend issue.
Yes! We have a PowerApp that displays data stored in the list and have the same disappearing issue there. Really odd! But glad it's not just us experiencing this issue.

I found that with the same account the missing rows are visible on a completely different computer without issues.
On the problematic one, nothing I tried so far helped:
Logging out of the account, deleting cache and cookies, then restarting the browser will only result in a single time display of the data. -- After a page reload it's gone again.
The same issue can be observed in an incognito window.


I'm seeing issues across SharePoint as changes are made to pages, but the new changes become old changes in a day or so. I'm curious how long it's taking for new list entries to become old list entries, or, to put it another way, how long before the changes you've made to the list show consistently for everyone.
Am still thinking there's something not quite right with the code getting the information from the server or something wrong with the servers sharing information across the cloud. It makes sense that you may not see the latest changes if your browser is loading a cached version or is using a cookie to load an older version, but if you've cleared those, then the out-of-date information can only be coming from the SP cloud servers, right? Am I missing something?
looks like the issue resolved on its own (at least in our tenant)