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Hi. I'm trying to create a simple SharePoint List for cash in and out of the office. I was trying to have the debit and credit amount in the same coloum with out having to put a minus (-) in front on the debit amount. To then use the Total sum for that coloum. I have managed to put a minus in front of the debit amount using a calculated coloum along with a choice coloum. However it does not allow the Total sum on that calculated coloum. I have also had a separate coloum for debit and credit amounts with Total sum, but don't know how to then take the debit total from the credit total. Also is there a way to have the total sum for the column at the top rather than the bottom. I know this can all be done in Powerapps, but was hoping to keep it simple and just use a SharePoint List. Any suggestions please.
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@David20 if you're not adding a minus symbol (-) for debits then how are you differentiating credits from debits? The easiest thing is just to put the - in. You are correct, you cannot have the total on a calculated column. No, the total is aways at the bottom and cannot be placed at the top of the list.


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Hi Rob. The problem of not having an automated minus (-) on the debit amount following selecting debit from the choice coloum is people forget. Thanks David