Sharepoint List Calculated Month Column

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I have a sharepoint list that I need to have a calculated column returning the month from a date. I have tried all the suggesitons on google, them being exactly the same:




This leads to an error:



What am i doing wrong?

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@jamescosten You are trying to add calculated value for single line of text column which does not allow referencing other columns in list.

Instead, you need to create a calculated column in a list. Follow below steps:

  1. Go to list, click on Add column and then select More...ganeshsanap_0-1657269639714.png
  2. Select Calculated as type of column, enter your formula in Additional Column Settings > Formula textbox and click OK button to save the column.ganeshsanap_1-1657269915601.png

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Thank you very much.

@jamescosten You're welcome! glad it helped you.

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