SharePoint List: Calculated (calculation based on other columns) error

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I have a question related to SharePoint List. In column "Idea ID", I tried to create a calculated column based on column "ID", overall the formula is working, but there are 1 or 2 rows when the formula does not work (refer to picture above), the ID number is missing. I have no idea what the issue or problem is. Do you know why this situation happened? How to solve the issue?


Formula that I created--> ="APAC-"&Region&"-CI-"&ID (ID is referring to ID that generate automatically by SharePoint List)





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I have the same issue. Have you been able to solve it ? Can you please let me know how you fixed it?

Hi @anggefernando_ ,as I remember, there was an issue with a calculated column using a formula that references the ID column.


The solution was provided by @ganeshsanap in a different post. Check this link

 -> Re: Using the ID column to generate a number in a calculated column. - Microsoft Community Hub

@michalkornet @anggefernando_ 


Here is Microsoft official documentation for same: Introduction to SharePoint formulas and functions  


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