SharePoint list button to setValue

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I have a SharePoint list that includes a few columns including a user name, email, status, renewal date and Renew button. I have a PowerAutomate flow that will run the first of every month. It looks at a SharePoint list, filters for all records that have a renewal for that month, changing the status to "Pending Renewal" and sends emails to all folks. The outcome would be for folks to click the link, see the list item (in a list and not edit/form), click the link which then changes the status to Renewed and the renewal date to the date the button was clicked + 365 days. My challenges it that the email link sent in the workflow include a link to them item that when clicked, opens the list item in edit form and the button doesn't work. Is there a way to send a link to the item in list view so that the button is enabled? This will allow the person to see only their item from the link, click the RENEW button, which will then use JSON to set the value of status to "Renewed" and update the renewal date to the current date plus 365 days. I have the entire process working, however the link in the email opens the item in edit/form mode in which the button no longer works. The reason for the setValue button in JSON is because the folks accessing the list item are guests in our environment and we want to provide the easiest way for them to click a button to perform the renewal. 

Other suggestions are WELCOMED!

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