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I am wondering if it is possible to create a link betwen files in Sharepoint List attachment and Sharepoint Libreay.


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@julilis It is Possible but not out of the Box. 

Step1:-  Whenever an Item in Created in a List trigger a Flow that will create a Folder in Document Library with the ID of the List Item as the folder name

Step 2 - Create a Conditional formatting column in the List so that it creates a Hyper link pointing to the folder in the Document library. 


It will Take some time to do it but it is possible.  

Hi @Maruthi Gadde 

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Hi @julilis Hello, have you been able to do this?

Would you mind sharing your work with me or is it too complicated to share?

I would like to do the same thing (sharepoint list --> create a corresponding folder in a sharepoint library and see the link to the sharepoint library folder in the sharepoint list).

But unfortunately I have no experience with conditional formatting in Sharepoint lists and very little experience with flows.