SharePoint list - Append Changes to Existing Text - View Entries not displaying as expected

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I am using SharePoint Online, and would like to use the "Append Changes to Existing Text" functionality in a "Multiple Lines of Text" column to record timestamped notes (following the instructions set out here).


I've set up a column called Notes:



When I click on the View Entries link, I expect to see only the notes added to that column. 


Instead, I see all metadata for that list item:



Is there a way to configure this view so that I only see the Notes column entries when I click on the View Entries link?

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Clicking on the "View Entries" I believe takes you to the specific ViewForm.aspx, which would include all the information from previous edits.  The other forms (from memory) are NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx   


What you're after is a way to view just the multiple line column within this form, which I don't believe can be done.  I suspect, that with some thought, a PowerAutomate flow could be whistled up that may achieve something similar to what you're after but I doubt it would be an elegant solution.

@Steven Andrews

Thanks for your response. I'll investigate whether I can achieve what I want here with a PowerApps form or Microsoft Lists (the Comments feature is a possible alternative).