SharePoint List and Outlook Contact list Sync Issue


We tried to connect SharePoint online Contact list to the Outlook Contact list Synchronize. 


In the SharePoint Contact list, we removed "Company and Country" and added the Custom fields (Lookup fields for picking the data from other lists).


This SharePoint custom fields mapped to Outlook contact list. But the problem is, it shows the "Value ID" also.




Is there any way to remove this "ID"?

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Not to my knowledge. The sync only pulls the text values across and lookup columns values include that as part of it. You might be able try making the column some other placeholder name and using an addition calculated value column in the lookup list named Company and have it added to the contact list as an addition column from that list or see if you can reference it in a calculated column named company in the contact list referring the lookup column but if I remember off the top of My head it won’t allow it.