Sharepoint List and Exporting Specific Selected Items to CSV file

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Hi is there any way to export only the selected items in a sharepoint list to a CSV file.   I see if you don't select any items you export the whole list to a csv file for my application and customers I want to be able to select list items and export only the selected list items to a csv file.   Thanks,   Sharepoint Noob.   


No export available after selecting items from the list.   

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If you create a new View that shows just the items you want to export. You can do this by filtering the various columns you want and then choose 'Save View As' from the View dropdown list and give it a name.

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So every time I need to export 5 of the list of 100 items I need to create a view?   




THe sharepoint list I have has a radio button for the selection.    It is the first field but unlabeled.   Is there any way to check if that field is selected for the list elements and then only display those items selected in the view and then do an export of only the ones in the view?     Filter on that column for that view?  It's an unlabeled column.  




Any news on this topic ?
Hello, did you get any solution for this? I am in the same requirement. I want to export to CSV file only selected items.
I am working on the same thing. At this point I have only been able to pull it with the full export.
I did just find out that if you change your list view to grid view you can click the radio button for 1 item and then click Ctrl+c and it will copy all of the data across the lists so you can paste it into a file, then click exit grid view to see the list view again.

@shriG625 you can export individual items via a JSON-formatted button on the list which triggers a flow in Power Automate to add that row into your spreadsheet.



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RobElliott, could you explain how you did this?
Simple and easy workaround, thanks for sharing!
RobElliott, is it possible to have something like this that creates a new excel (named with info from the row) for each export? (I'd like to create a new excel doc for each line in my sharepoint list).

I've looked around but I can't find any further reference to how to create the solution you've described here, is it something you're able to share please?