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Hi all,


I want to create Hyperlinks in an Excel in a site to another Excel file in the same site. This site should work as template and therefore I need to copy the site. The Hyperlinks should then point to the new site.


so for example i have which should have a link to:


And when I want copy this site to create a new one I want "templatesite" to be the new sitename to no manually edit all the links

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Hi @Skype4Business 



To create hyperlinks in Excel that work even after copying the SharePoint site, use relative links. Relative links are site-independent and follow the syntax [Site name]/[Library name]/[Folder name]/[File name].

For example, to create a relative link to the file example.xlsx in the forms folder of the SharedDocuments library in the templatesite site, you would use the following link:


Once you have created the relative links, you can copy the site and the hyperlinks will still work.


If u like it then make it best

Hi @Lalit Mohan

But the copied file/site shouldn't point to the "templatesite". Once I copied it should point to itself
I think if I give the proposed link from you it will still point to the "templatesite" or am I incorrect?