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I have created a Hero web part and want to link to a view in another sub site.  But I am getting the error message

"We couldn't verify this link.  Please check the link and that your site members can view it. "

  • I have listed my steps below, what am I doing wrong?
  • Or is there a better way to link to a filtered subset of information in a library? 
  • Also our system has been heavily locked down by IT so is there I setting I need to request be unlocked in order for this to work.

Many thanks


In Site 1

  • I asked the Site Manager to create a view based on metatags in a column
  • I open this site and clicked to open the view


In Site 2 where I do have some site admin privileges

  • I put the Hero web part into edit mode
  • I clicked to edit the link on one of the tiles
  • I clicked the option of a link
  • Then copied and pasted the URL which I have done before within same site links for Hero Parts
  • But I get the message as stated above
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@marionkd I get that that message regularly. It just means that SharePoint couldn't verify it, it doesn't mean that it won't work.

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What rob said. Should still be able to save
The button at the bottom sometimes highlight. If the site Manager had grouped the view, would that make a difference?
Many thanks

@RobElliottThank you for your advice, If the site manager has grouped the view, would that make a difference as the link is not working.

Have you any experience with this where the link doesn't work? I am having this same issue but none of my links work.