SharePoint Libray centralized and standard sync

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We have a Sharepoint library to each department and they're separate site. Before we have a standard folder structure from an onprem network drive, but after the migration we don't have a centralized location to browse all SharePoint library we have. 


Everyone needs to go to the site before they can see and browse the folder and people find it difficult to find the files. 


Is it possible that an IT administrator can set up a standard sync to the users so that all Department SharePoint library from a different sites can be synced in One location. 


For example it will be like this in there file explorer. 

 Department Sites

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • HR
  • Admin

They can see and browse all available SharePoint library and if they don't have access it will not be sync or give them an error when opening it. 


Appreciate who can answer this. Thank you




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