SharePoint library with sensitivity label with force encryption

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  We got a project that will need to upload file in a library, and they are asking to be encrypted.

  1. Can we use sensitivity label with force encryption?
  2. Will it encrypt are type of file format: example jpeg, txt etc.  ?

If not, what is alternative solution?


Thank you


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1. Yes, you can use encryption via sensivitity labels as @ChristianJBergstrom suggested
2. Not all file formats are supported AFAIK. Basically Office file formats: see link.

Tip: do check if you have a backup solution if backup of encrypted files is supported.
Alternatives: combine standard SharePoint access functionality, block offline content, educate users to reduce the risk.


Thank you Paul, si there no way to encrpyt non office file in a library?

It confusion with Sensitivity label versus AIP: that article seem to tell that we can encrpyt other type of file.
You have some additional functionality and file options if using the AIP add-in instead of built-in labeling. But I would say the sensitivity labels are the way going forward. Microsoft will start, with version 2211 in Office Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel, to migrate all users of this add-in to the modern built-in interface for sensitivity labels in Office. You can choose to stay with the add-in, but I believe this change are telling us where they are going.