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Hi Guys,


I have a library with 8000 documents and i get a warning that this might not work because the limit of the view is passed. I have filtered the all documents view and the view contains now less than 5000 items but when i go to the library settings i still see the message of the warning. Do you know guys what i can do?

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Hi @Deleted 

Consider indexing the columns, available on the list view.

In simplicity, if you just include out of the box - ID and Title columns in the view, you should not face the threshold issue.


Thanks a lot for your response.

The column i am filtering on now is the "created on" column en its indexed already. I also need the modified on and modified by in the view. Should I index these columns?



That is the default behavior of List Settings Page i.e. even if you update you query to read less than 5000 items, it will still show warning. 




So as you have configured your default view query and it's working fine then you can discard this warning.

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Hi @Deleted 

Modified should be already indexed. Please index the columns you want to show in the view.

@Deleted If you are using SharePoint online modern experience, you will not face any view threshold issues as modern experience loads files/items on scroll in library view.


For safer side, add indexing on the columns you are using in your views. If you have applied any filtering/sorting on the columns, index those columns first as you can only add up to 20 indices in a library.


Follow Microsoft documentation for other recommendations while using large lists/libraries: Manage large lists and libraries 

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