SharePoint Library view not getting refreshed

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I have created json column formatting in one of my Document Library that would show the status of the column. It will display the column with Green color if the value in the column is Active and Red if the value is Retired as shown in screenshot attached.


I have another column that would trigger flow to update the status of the column. Flow is working fine the column is getting updated, but the issue is that library view is not getting refreshed.


I need to reload the library manually to see the change.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I understand its very late to the party but have stumbled up on similar issue. Giving response for someone who comes across similar issue.

For me , had a conditional hyperlink on the column in json listview formatting. The custom view will not display the hyperlink formatting when my custom view was made as default view but will display hyperlink if some other view eg: AllItems view is visited first followed by custom view.

Solution that worked for me :
For me , the column added wasn't added to the view and hence the JSON listview formatting wont pick up and display the format when custom view was made as default view. After adding the column to the custom view it started displaying hyperlink consistently on page load.