SharePoint library search results copy/move no longer working

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In a recent client implementation of SharePoint Online we setup a client area with live and archive file libraries for client documents. The libraries are fairly large and from go live back in 2020 when a client needed to move from live to archive (or back on rare occasions) we would go into the library and search for the client. In the search results we would select the folder for the client we wanted to move, click the Move To button and move that folder into the appropriate place in the archive. Over the last couple of weeks this functionality has ceased to work correctly. On some days, it simply works, but on others you search and get up the search results, select the folder to move and the Move To and Copy To buttons don't appear. Refresh the page and re-select the item and after a few attempts the buttons appear. But, the buttons now don't work at all. At this point, clear out the search box and hit ENTER to refresh the library and the library is blank and not even the Quick Launch links on the left work. The only resolution is a page refresh. I've logged in with support and the answer is that this is expected behaviour with Move To and Copy To not being available in a libraries search results. This can't be right but the only suggestion was to log it as a user voice idea. I've done that and it's here:

Some support on this would really help to get them to realise that this is a bug that needs fixing and not a feature they should add.

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