SharePoint library PDF viewer looks different for a user

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One of the users reported that his files are rendered in different way compared to other users. When the user opens a PDFs in a SharePoint document library it opens in black transparent screen ,the top bar is also different from other users. What could be the reason for this issue. Here is the screenshot of the users view and normal view.


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Having the same issue. Also only one user. The new viewer is extremely buggy. It does not return users to previous list views when closing documents and can also unexpectedly switch documents at random as new ones are added to the library.
I'm encountering similar problems with the new content viewer. I often sort file lists by Modified (descending). When clicking a file to view it, then closing the content viewer, the files are not longer sorted according to my previous action.

I've also noticed that editing text-based files results in unexpected behavior like the content viewer changing to an unexpected and unintended file after a click.

Very bad user experience.
This would seem to be some sort of limited "update" to the viewer. There are JS errors everywhere when using it. I hope everyone is doing support tickets and asking for rollbacks.
Anybody raised a ticket with Microsoft on this issue ?

@HarikrishnanP yes I have had a ticket in for almost a week now. No progress so far. I hope everyone is doing a ticket. I dont think they will roll anything back if the demand is not high.


Voici la réponse : il vous suffit d'ajouter "?view=14" juste à la fin de l'URL.


For anyone else who finds this, after a few weeks I have been informed by tier 2 Microsoft Support that there is no support available from Microsoft Development. Instead, they pointed me to the feedback portal and said that is the best course of action if Microsoft Development releases anything broken is to leave a message there. There is no guarantee that it will be addressed or read. There will be no information given or follow up for this issue according to Microsoft Support. My ticket was closed.


Here is the link

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