Sharepoint Library / folders Best Practice

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Hi! I would like if possible some advice.

I have to create a site to basically move an existing Shared Drive.

this Drive has over 20 folders and those folders have (in some cases) a few folders inside.

I was reading about libraries and most documents recommend to use metadata instead of folders.

So what will be the solution in this case? a library for each main folder and then metadata for the subfolders? what do i do when a subfolder has folders inside too?

example: Folder A, contains single documents plus additional 5 folders (B-C-D-E-F-G) (each with a few documents inside? should i create A library for A and subfolders or should i create a Page A that will give access to 5 libraries B C D E F G - where i will be able to use Metadata to sort out the files?

Will it be viable to have 20 libraries within 1 site?


thank you

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