SharePoint library create a user appealing look for list of contained documents

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I have a sharepoint document library with a collection of documents (pdf, word) with library fields which collects information about the document. Is there a way to make the look of the library with its contents more appealing? I am using SharePoint in Microsoft 365.


What I have tried so far:

1. Modify current view and apply different styles



2. Page Setting > Change Look

But this change the theme of the entire site, which I don't prefer.


3. I see an option to create and customize view but this requires a Sharepoint Designer. I haven't used this yet but would going this direction be the probable way forward?


Any other suggestions? Thanks.



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Hi @djohn20,

if you use SharePoint Online and the modern UI, then you can use SharePoint JSON list formatting

Go to All Items->Format Current View

Select "Advanced Mode" and paste in a JSON Formatting Sheet

Take a look at these samples: 

Using that you can get something like this

Best Regards,

Hi @SvenSieverding,


Thanks for the reply. What you have shown seems to apply for SharePoint list rather than a document library.

When I try to edit the current view of my document library, I do not see the option to apply row wise formatting, though there is option to do this column wise. I don't see this option even when I create a new view for the document library.



Hi  @djohn20 

no, this works for document libraries, too..... (The upper screenshot is even from a sample that is called "Custom Document Library Gallery Card" )

Go to All Items->Format Current View
format (1).png

Select "Advanced mode"


Now just paste the formatting stylesheet into the editor and press save


Using this JSON 
I got that result


But not all of the samples work for the view type "List" (That is a "normal" view in lists and document libraries). Some only work if you switch the view to the "Gallery" type.

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@djohn20  as Sven @SvenSieverding said, it works on document libraries as well. We use it on every page of our Business Management System site to display a simple but nicer view of the library documents that relate to the page:

Document Library Webpart JSON.png


The JSON view formatting for that is as follows:

  "schema": "",
  "hideColumnHeader": true,
  "rowFormatter": {
    "elmType": "div",
    "attributes": {
      "class": "ms-fontColor-neutralDark ms-fontColor-themePrimary--hover"
    "style": {
      "font-size": "18px",
      "height": "100%"
    "children": [
        "elmType": "img",
        "style": {
          "width": "30px",
          "height": "30px"
        "attributes": {
          "src": ""
        "elmType": "span",
        "txtContent": "[$Title]",
        "style": {
          "padding-left": "8px"


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