SharePoint keeps adding value "256" to a list automatically

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I am currently busy creating a solution in SharePoint which will get meta data out of the file names uploaded to accordant libraries automatically. Therefore I am using flow and calculated columns. While processing this, SharePoint keeps adding the value "256" to a certain column, which is being transferred to a list that is later used for filtering, and I have no clue how to avoid this.

Did anybody have this issue before? What is it?


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@TobiasMeyer : Can you please let me know what conditions you have used while doing this process in MS flow.

@Ashish_Kohale Sure! The flow includes conditions "When a file is created or modified in a folder", "Get files (properties only)", Delay, and "Apply to each"/"Update file properties" and "Apply to each"/"Create item".

@TobiasMeyer :

1) This may be due to over limit of column metadata. (256 character limit). 

2) If you are using Calculated column try to change the datatype for the calculated column.

3) Before updating value in the column try to add if condition and use function "Contains()" for value 256 in the text value and remove value if it contains "256".



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