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Afternoon All,


I am currently running a test scheme in my company to move from our historic document control system into SharePoint 365. We have lots of legacy documents that we need to bring in but we don't want to load all the revision history - happy to leave that/archive that in the old system. We want to use the SharePoint versions and check-out functions for the current and future updates. Is there a way to jump versions in the document library? For example one of our documents is at Revision 21. I don't want to check this in and out 21 times to get it to display correctly. 


Thanks for any help. 

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@kerri-leigh there's no way to set the imported version to 21 automatically. A migration tool like ShareGate might be able to do this but I'm not entirely sure about that. So whenever you import documents into the library each one will start at version 1.


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