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Is there a way to preselect a list item from view. I'm using connected webparts and i badly need to load the page with a value selected in one view. Please let me know

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Not sure If I follow you here, the connections between WebPart is not aware of the views you have in the list

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hello Juan Using connections between webparts i'm sending a filter value from one webpart to other so that views in other webpart get filtered based on this value. I want to preconfigure a default value to be selected by default like below from list view so that users can see the complete experience upon page load and switch values as he needs. Hope i'm able to explain. Please let me know




@Naveen Karla I assume you mean that you want a particular item in your list to be selected when the page and list loads so that you get the connected web parts showing immediately, rather than having to select an item. So in the example below, if could be loaded with the village of Los Gallardos already pre-selected then the Bing Map, YouTube video and Trip Advisor restaurants would already be displaying:



I did look into this when I created this page; I agree that would be a better user experience than having the empty Embed web parts displaying, but unfortunately I didn't come up with a solution and  don't think it's possible.


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@RobElliott Hello Rob this is exactly what i need. Thanks for chiming in. Can we try build a view with SPFX? Would that help.


Thanks again

@Naveen Karla unfortunately I can't do anything with SPFx on my company tenant so have to use out-of-the-box functionality.


Los Gallardos
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