Sharepoint JSON Column Formatter - inlineeditfield - date not working as expected

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Hi All - I thought I had already posted this issue, so if it appears again out of the ether - apologies for the double post!  At least I can distill it a bit better 2nd time around:-)


I have a list where I have edited the columns using the inline edit field to provide the experience my users want.  Everything was going great until yesterday. I noticed that the inlineeditfield for the date column wasn't working as expected.


Expected behaviour:

Click on date cell.  Inline date edit opens - textbox with a calendar icon:


Click the calendar icon and the calendar opens.  Select a date and date field updates.


Pretty straight forward.  Until I tried the behaviour yesterday, and it has gone awry.  Most of the time when I click the calendar icon, the just textbox just shuts, as though a click has been made outside the current focus, and nothing is updated.  But even more infuriatingly, sometimes the calendar opens!  I couldn't see a pattern.

Microsoft Edge for Business v117.0.2045.60 64bit.  Sharepoint 365. 

The behaviour happens with very basic JSON - 







The inlineEditField textbox is created dynamically and closes as soon as it loses focus - so using DevTools to shed some light doesn't work.


Anyone seen anything like this before?  Know how to fix it? Know where to report a bug?  Or have a work-around that somehow still uses the calendar.  Current work-around is to enter the date manually - but this is 2023 and users shouldn't have to do that.






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I just checked on our SharePoint online tenant (targeted release) and I am able to reproduce this issue.  Seems like a bug from Microsoft end with recent release update to SharePoint.


You can raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior, follow: Get support for M365 - online support 

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@ganeshsanap thanks for checking. I'll see if I can get a service request opened (first timer - not even sure that I have access ...).
@ganeshsanap looks like someone beat me to it. Didn't have to raise a support ticker, the issue was resolved by Monday.