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Hi everybody, hoping to get some suggestions on a 'problem' I have to solve.


Basically, our company has a list of say 2000 products. Each of those products has an external certification.


There is a 1 to many relationship between the certificate and the products. 1 cert could cover 100 products (each with unique codes). Unfortunately, the certificate doesn't list the the unique part codes that are covered by the cert e.g. the cert will save "this covers the XYZ range" where the actual part codes are XYZ1, XYZ2 etc.


If I were to create a new SharePoint list, load my products in, is there a way I can link the certs to particular products in bulk, without having to go in to each individual line & attach the certificate?


We essentially want a way for staff to access copies of the relevant certificate for particular products.


I like the idea of using a SPT list, because the certificates have a validity period, so I can use dates to trigger reminders to the person in charge of renewing the certificates.

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Sounds like you need to create a Lookup column in your products list. Configure the Lookup column to use the Certificates List (or Library) as the lookup data.

Once that is done, you can use Edit in Grid View to bulk edit your products list.
Thanks Steve, makes perfect sense now you mention it. One more question, is it possible to display a column in 1 SPT list, in a 2nd SPT list? (both in the same site) i.e. the certificate list has the expiration date column. I want to show this on the product list if possible?
Yes, when you create the Lookup Column you can specify additional columns to display. Here is the full reference.