Sharepoint Item Owner Permissions not working

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To give a bit of context for this problem, I have a PowerApp where a users submits confidential information to a List Item, A PowerAutomate triggers on new Item, then it breaks role inheritance in a service account context, so the service account is set as the owner, then it adds the user with Owner permissions as well, with a Grant Premission with "role:1073741829" then lastly the flow sets the manager as "Can Edit" or Owner, I have tried both. This results in the following permissions, as you can see in the screenshot below, in this case all 3 accounts have Owner permissions...Perfect....or...


The strange thing is the account of the manager in this case user 1 cant see this item, but if he or she in the powerapp creates an item, then the same thing happens they can see it themselves, but their manager cannot. So the permissions in the screenshot is not what they appear, so the end result is that im confused.

Info: the Sharepoint site originates from a Team.


Next weird thing is if I add the manager to the Team as owner, then he can see the Items he according to SharePoint has access to, but not everything, which also makes sense since i broke inheritence, but how come it fixes the Owner permissions that didnt work


Im new to SharePoint, but it has now consumed every ounce of logic I had left, so I hope this makes sense to someone in here :)


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