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I have made a communications page, and designed it to be our intranet, but I do not know how to distribute it to the users?

The link isn't very easy to remember for the users, as it is something like: ourcompany.sharepoint/sites/Intranet

So how do companies give the users easy access to the intranet site?
Can it be set as a default site somehow?

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Hi @has-dbk,


All Intranet projects I deploy for customers I recommend to set their browser homepage as the Intranet. This aids adoption and engagement of the Intranet massively. You can do this for Edge and Chrome.


Some will even pop up the default browser on start-up of the desktops.


Hope that helps


Some other options:
1) Add a custom App to the Office 365 Home and the App launcher that gets the users to the Intranet
2) Use the SharePoint Start page

@has-dbk  at the company where I am Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager, Internet Explorer/Edge is set via group policy to open the homepage whenever a user starts up their laptop or goes into the browser. We then have a policy that staff who use Chrome instead have it set as their homepage but they have to set that themselves.

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Hi @has-dbk ,


How to set the Chrome home page globally - 


You can add a "Frequent link" to the SharePoint start page but its below the fold of the page so no good in terms of using it the way into the Intranet from my experience. 


The app icon good addition to the "hamburger" menu in the top left but you cannot deploy an app to the menu, each user has to find it and pin it which again doesnt work for a consistent navigation experience. I have deployed app icons and given instructions for users but the 20 odd intranet projects I have done have always set the default browser homepage. 


Another future option is Home Sites which is on its way, its in development still but will provide what has been lacking in Office 365 for some time  - 




HomeSites should be rolled out to all TR tenants by now I believe. Also if you have a a good DNS hosting provider you can easily have redirects. I just have and redirect via dns redirect service that goes right to my page.

You can use spo-siteswap as well to move that site to your root if you do not use your root for anything else as well, or just a combination of these options.