Sharepoint - internal users not added automatically after following site

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We have just recently started to use a SharePoint site as intranet for the company. Employees use Sharepoint app for reading news and documents.

We use OneDrive app for uploading pictures to the document archive shared by SharePoint and OneDrive. To be able to do this, all users must Follow the site.

I have just discovered that even though some users Follow the site, they are not added as Members on the site automatically. And, since they are not Members on the site, they cannot upload files with the OneDrive app.


I can add users manually to the site, but a bit tedious and then I don't know if there are any other features they will miss.


How come they are not added as Members after they Follow the site? Am I missing out something, any settings need to be done?

The site is set up to be available for all internal users.


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