Sharepoint internal column names prefixed with “field_”

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I build quite a few large lists from excel files in Sharepoint Online. Recently I noticed that when doing this it prefixes all of the internal column names with “field_”. So if I have a column in the excel table called “email” the display name of the column will be “email” but the internal column name will be “field_email”. It didn’t used to do this and has put me in a bind with a power app I have developed that is looking for the unprefixed column names. Any idea what causes this?
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Not particularly aware of this issue, but I guess the process of creating a list from Excel it's responsible of adding this field prefix and also to remove any character that can make dirty the internal name of a list column

I'm dealing with this as well lately and it's EXTREMELY annoying as it just about makes the process useless. Why is it in one part of my Power App it can recognize the columns by their display names but in others it only does by their internal name? The only workaround is to rename all of the columns (I append "_OLD" to the end), create new columns and position them next to the old, copy all row data from old column to new using grid view, then delete the original pre-fixed columns.

Thank you Microsoft, with a MASSIVE sarcastic thank you...