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We have now had the Hub Sites Provisioning rolled out to our Tennant however, after successfully deploying a Hub and connecting two Sites to that Hub, the Global Navigation does not auto populate when associated with the Hub and, we have had to manually add the links.


Is this something that will be added in or, is this the expected behaviour going forward?



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The links have to be added manually Scott. I understand how auto-population might be expected but actually adding manually does allow a certain degree of control over how links are configured. At least in v1 this is expected behaviour AFAIK.
Yes, expected behavior. I prefer it TBH, but I could see an option being added to show those. Beau has a post about an idea where you can use application customizer and spfx to get this functionality

Thank you both for the info.

I have a different issue. I registered my hub site and verified it by Get-SPOHubSite but there is no Hub navigation that I could find. I can also associate sites to the hub, but those sites do not look like they were impacted at all. I don't mind manually putting in the Global Navigation for the Hub if I could find it. Anyone seen this behavior?

I have the same problem. Did You find solution?