SharePoint Hub Association & Ratings Feature

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We are working to improve our SharePoint usage in my company, but we are facing some difficulties with it. So, I made this post in the hope somebody can share some insights!


We have a 3-level hub association with many Sites:

  • Parent hub (level 1)
  • Associated child hub (level 2)
  • Associated child hub (level 3)


All SharePoint Sites associated, and the Parent Hub have the ratings feature in the library enabled.


The questions are:

  1. Is it possible to aggregate the file ratings (from a single Site) and display them somewhere on the Site?
  2. Likely, is it possible to aggregate these ratings information from all the Sites associated to display them in a single location?
  3. Is there a built-in way to extract these data (CSV file or other), and then we can process these data with other apps? (Power Automate?)

Or does anybody know if there is a substitute solution that we could use to capture and display the popularity/rankings of files stored in SharePoint that could be aggregated?


Thank you!

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1. Not by default but you can probably do it with PNP Search webpart

2. Same as above.

3. Extract Rating? You should be able to extract it with Power Automate/Powershell or even when download as excel but it's kinda counter productive.

But that being said, rating is kind of a legacy system in SharePoint so I would rather make use of Activity report and extract that and make a PBI report: