SharePoint Home Site - worth it?

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We are introducing our new, modern intranet - a Communications hub site with about 10 spoke sites for our functional areas (HR, IT, Marketing, etc.). I have been trying to decide - should I make the hub site a "Home Site" - and - is it worth it?

My major concern is the search feature. Right now, when you search a site in the hub, you can then follow breadcrumbs from the site to the hub (all sites in the hub) and then out to the rest of the organization. With a Home Site - the search is tenant-wide which takes away the "first" search of our intranet hub. If someone is searching for an HR document, I don't want them to pull content first from random team sites throughout the organization - I want their first search to be our intranet.


Has anyone had any thoughts or experiences with the Home Site feature that might help me?

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IMHO it will be worth with the upcoming improvements we will have in the integration of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. I also expect that at some point we will have back the SharePoint Online Home retired by Microsoft where Home site had an important place