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New modern SharePoint search looks great, but does not show promoted results as in classic experience.

Any plans for this feature?


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I think we’ll find out at Sharepoint conference.
Yep, agree here...modern search experiences are just starting to surface in Office 365 and SPO and we will see more innovations here in the future

I'm not seeing promoted results, is this still missing?



We do show promoted results / best bets that has been configured on the enterprise search center of a tenant.


If you have configured the promoted results on the enterprise search center and do not see them in the search results page it would be interesting to figure out why this is happening.


Has this not been working all along on the modern search experience or did it stop working recently?


If you are familiar with looking at network requests you should find the best bets query that is issued by searching for suxrid=ms-oil-datasource-bestbetDataSource in the browser network  tab.

@Geir-Magnus PettersenIt works when the query rule is configured in the SPO Admin Center but not when configured in a site collection or site. This type of inconsistency is very frustrating. I cannot find any documentation that describes this limitation. It appears to be a bug and should be fixed.

I can understand the frustration, and we are working on consolidating the promoted results from all sites in a tenant, but currently only promoted results from the search center site will be returned in modern search. But this is an issue that we are aware of and are looking into.


There are no currently no official documentation that I am aware of for this. I will verify this with the rest of the team and come back on the subject.

Thanks, it would be very helpful if the documentation that tells users how to create query rules was updated to explain the limitations. We spent many hours trying to figure out why it was not working, only to finally discover that what we were trying to do was not possible. My customer is quite angry, and has every right to be upset about this.
Sorry to hear that!

Lets try to fix this by writing a clear article on how the current behaviour works.

Thanks, that would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any additional details or if there is anything I can do to help.

Promoted results show up only when searched from the SharePoint Home. It does not work when searched from a communications site. Is this a limitation? If so, when will this be available? Note that I have configured query rules at all levels (Comms site, tenant enterprise search center, tenant search settings).

We currently only show promoted results registered for the tenant enterprise search center on the upscoped global sharepoint All vertical.


Do you get the promoted results if you upscope the search from your site clicking the SharePoint link like this:



We are both working on an improved system for promoted results and will write documentation for the current behavior.


Another option is for communitcation / team and hubsites to also add promoted results for the site scoped All vertical so that promoted results for the current site always are shown. Are promoted results on site level a widespread practice among customers or are most promoted results registered on the tenant search center level to your knowledge?

Here is the first promised article regarding classic/modern search. Also talks about promoted results in modern search.


Hi @Geir-Magnus Pettersen and @Dean Gross for your input on this.

I've just read

BUT ....

I have created a Query rule in the SPO Admin center

The search page returns https://<mytennant> the Query rule best bet I've created - tick.

In a modern SP Team related site , when I do use the same search terms, and then click the "Organisation" link on the results page I DO NOT see the query rule I created at the SPO Admin center level.

Could someone explain why , and update the article mentioned above to be more clear so that everyone is better off :)

My goal is migrating all my Query Rules to one place, where they will appear in Classic OR Modern search results (if they are scoped to my entire tennant).

Te reason I've chasing this is that an inconsistent user experience of search means my users loose trust. In some cases it has taken years to regain that trust.

Best bets no longer exist, I assume that you meant Promoted Results. The display of Promoted Results is limited to one specific case, "In the modern search experience, users only see promoted results on the All tab on the search results page and only when they search across all of SharePoint. For example, when users search from the search box on a hub site, they don't see any promoted results even if they are on the All tab." If you are not seeing this, then I would open a support ticket



@Dean Gross is correct. Currently you do not see promoted results other places than the all tab searching all of sharepoint / organization.


We have however implemented showing promoted results for teamsite / communicationsites recently. This I will make its way to prod in the next couple of months. So soon we will be able to satisfy your scenario @Dorje McKinnon 

Hi @Geir-Magnus Pettersen ,

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.


One clarification : when you say the "all tab searching all of sharepoint / organisation", I'm pretty sure you mean "modern search, Organisation selected, All tab"

https://<mytennant><search term>


This morning when I got in and saw your response , I tested a Teams SharePoint site search in our tennant and it is now showing a best bet I put into the Admin level


In classic search when a new Query Rule and and Promoted Result (Yes @Dean Gross , you're right I've been around too long and was using very old terminology) is added it appears in Classic search results almost instantly.
Is there a time delay between when a Query Rule and Promoted Result is added at the <mytennant>-admin level, and when it shows up in Modern search ?

A small thing, but for for those of us who have been around for a while something to watch out for.

Again Thanks to you both for getting back to me so quickly.

This still doesn't work for me. I created a Query Rule at Tenant level with a promoted result. This shows up nearly instantly in a in classic search. However in Modern Search from a site collection or from the SharePoint splashdown page, I still can't see it after 30 mins. Any ideas?

Really disappointing that the Modern experience is made the default if the core functionality is not there, once again. The user is now asking for his site to be moved to a classic one.

I did eventually find the page stating the differences between Modern and Classic Search, but I think the Product Team have failed to take into account that some organisations have put a great deal of investment into their Search configuration and are therefore prevented from using the Modern sites altogether if it's missing basic features they have been using for years in older versions.

HI@Robin Thakur 


When you search from a teamsite by default the search results should be scoped to that teamsite only. Promoted results will not show up on the team site scoped search page.


If you click on the Organization search breadcrumb you should be taken to the tenant wide scoped search results and this should also show the Promoted results that are registered on the tenant level.




We are still working on showing Promoted results on the site level where Promoted results registered on the specific site will show when you are searching scoped to a site. Hope this will roll out in the coming month.


Do you see the expected behavior where the promoted results are shown when you upscope search to Organization?


There is also the option to change search scope from scoped to a site to the organization level. This is explained in this thread 

@Geir-Magnus Pettersen 

Promoted results registered on the site level is now available in team sites, comm sites and hub sites.