SharePoint Highlighted Content Filters Not Working as Expected

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I am trying to use the Highlighted content to filter documents stored on a separate site that is our document store these documents are tagged with the OOB tag Priority and then a managed metadata property of Department. 


I am trying to display all files marked Priority (1)High and then only show folders in a specific department. The filter name i am using is owstaxIDDepartment I have tried using the name "Project Management" the tax ID "b7021d93-45f3-4e51-9cfa-773fa5be8b38" but it doesn't narrow down the filter in fact it adds more documents it then displays ALL documents that are tagged for Project Management.  


I have also tried using  the custom query code, and this is even worse it start to display files not even on the selected SharePoint site. 


Any ideas on this? Should the built in filter commands filter down as i would expect them? 

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@amelsom1985 - Hello, I also am running into issues with "Highlighted Content" filters. I am choosing "A document library on this site" for the "Source" then choose the appropriate library where the files I want to choose are from. I then choose "Column name" for the "filter" and then choose the column name I want to filter from. I choose "Equals" and type exactly the metadata tag I want to show.


It does not filter the files with the parameters I have placed. It displays other files that are not within those filtered choices. I noticed that this started yesterday for me. Before yesterday, it was working properly.

I'm having the exact same problem. Currently built filters are working but if i edit them or create new content lists/filters the do not filter correctly.

This started about a week ago for me. I haven;t found a fix

I too am experiencing issues with this web part. I had everything working fine for several months. However, if I edit it now, it breaks and doesn't work at all. I had previously filtered on a column that contained managed metadata. I tried to update what I was filtering on and it just started to show everything in the library starting with most recently added.

I have tried:

1) Filtering on something else to see if it works. I.e. non- managed metadata. For instance, I tried to do a filter on Title contains the words, etc. and no filtering is happening - it shows everything.

2) Deleting the web part entirely and re-adding it. This still doesn't fix the issue.


This is hugely frustrating as I now have to remove the web part from many pages so as not to confuse end users.