SharePoint Graph API Sharing Folder

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I am currently creating a PowerApp for sharing files/folders in SharePoint. For sharing I am using the Graph API.


I am using the following API endpoint:<site-ID>/drive/items/<item-ID>/invite


Using the following body/JSON:

  "recipients": [
      "objectId": "6a078e6c-cecd-4906-a1df-83f6fc1cbcae"
  "message": "Here's the file that we're collaborating on.",
  "requireSignIn": true,
  "sendInvitation": true,
  "roles": [


For the Graph API, I created an app, with all the required delegated permissions.
The authentication is done with a secret.


So it works until the setting to limit external sharing to a Specific Group is set.
Then I get the error message that sharing is disabled on the SharePoint site.
Even though the app respectively the service principal is member in the group for external sharing.

I know the following alternative, but it does not meet my requirements:
Allow sharing only with existing guests and disable inviting guests by a normal user in Azure AD. Problem the sharing is possible with all existing guests.


Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem or has any other suggestions?

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