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Advanced warning - I am a comms manager not an IT professional so please keep any response to lamens terms! 


In Sharepoint modern, we have created a number of image libraries within the document library. In the back end, you can view these as a gallery, and click through each image by using the arrow functions (see top right corner). So when you click on an image, you then have the ability to scroll through the album:





However in the front end, no such functionality seems to exist. You can click on an image but have to close each on individually to go into the next, very annoying. While you can view thumbnails to scroll through images, it's not the same user experience as seeing everything in larger detail. 

Is there an option to have this in the front end? From my limited internet research it (once again) seems like something you can do in Sharepoint classic but not modern - I may well be wrong though.




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Check SharePoint Image Gallery web part and see if it works for your requirements.


DocumentationUse the Image Gallery web part 

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