Sharepoint Form Width for List(Sharepoint Online)

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The width on the default sharepoint form has changed automatically on my sharepoint site.  How do I revert the change?  Previously the form was on the right hand side of the screen and was about 1/4 of the screeen, currently it takes up 9/10 of screen.  The form only has 8 fields.

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Was your form customized with PowerApps or with JSON Form Formatting?
There was some JSON formatting that I deleted that resolved the issue. I did not customize the JSON formatting is there a setting/bug that would automatically create JSON formatting?

Thanks for the help.

@Beau Cameron I am also having the same issue as the OP.


Yes, I went into Power Apps but did not save anything (or at least that is what I thought). Now, the form is way too wide and I cannot see any way to correct this. Unlike the OP, there is no custom JSON showing within the form in Lists.


How do I revert the form to the default size? Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

Hi @Beau Cameron , I am facing the same issue. I have applied JSON formatting for my forms . Is there any issue if I apply JSON formatting. All of sudden the width got changed.

How can I make the form bigger? I have a three column form but its really small and all the way to the right when opened. I'd like it to open over most of the screen. @TK787 


this may help, not sure what specific JSON formatting you would need, deleting the JSON in this section fixed my problem, but you should be able to adjust the size of the list form using this as well