Sharepoint - Form that Has to Filled out by Multiple Peopel

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I have a business flow question.  We have  a Form that we have to fill out that identifies a recruitment need.  Initially I thought I would kick the form out using Microsoft Forms but I am told now that the form is not filled out by one pers but has to be filled out by a few people and not always the same.  Is there a way to create some kind of a Form process, identify who has to fill it out, track if it has been filled out and report back?  I am pretty sure you can do this but wonderfing if someone can give me some tips and ideas of how I would accomplish this.  The form is currently a Microsoft Word form but I really wanted to make it electronic.


Thanks for your ideas.  

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A SharePoint list (aka: Microsoft Lists) sounds like it would be a better fit for you needs. It comes with a built in data-entry form, but you can replace that with a custom one via Power Apps if you need something more complex.

As for the flow of the document, you could use Power Automate to notify individuals when it's their turn to update the record. This is something you can explore later to keep things from getting too complex too quickly.