Sharepoint for suppliers as guest

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Hello, i would like to have more info on a sharepoint use with guest users.

i would like to have a sharepoint site to share contents with my suppliers as guest users.

In specific i would like that each guest can visualise and modify in a sharepoint list only the rows that it creates and not visualize the row that other guest creates.

How can realise it ?

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Hi @gennarodp1990 - go to your list settings and then Advanced Settings. In the middle of the menu, you'll see options to allow users to only Read and Create/Edit items they've created.


This will only work for users who sign in with a Live ID (,, or their work account.


Hope that helps!



Thank you for your answer.


But I have to rend visible and editable, the part in which i ask them (Suppliers), a quotation of an item.


How can i do it ?


Thank you


The list is still visible and can still be edited, either item by item or in grid view.
How can i do this ?