Sharepoint for a small fraternal org. - is it possible?

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We are a small fraternal organization (below 50 members). Today we save our documents and photos in one Dropbox account and the members when access the documents/photos (read only access) by flowing a shared link (with password).


What we are looking for is a solution where each member can login with their own username and password – and where we can assign different rights to the members.


I have looked into Nextcloud – but if we want a stable solution where we don’t handle upgrades ourselves it will unfortunately be more expensive than our budget allows.


I am now looking into SharePoint. Ideally each member would have assigned their own license – but again it would be more expensive than our budget allows. I have read that you can have external users. I was wondering if is possible to have e.g. 2 or 3 subscriptions* – and when include the rest of the members as some kind of external users/guest – and be able  assign different rights to different users?


The plans I am considering are: SharePoint (Plan 1); Microsoft 365 Business Basic; Microsoft 365 Business Basic EEA (without Teams)

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You can have a few licensed users and use unlicensed guest accounts for the others. You can set up permissions for guests the same as licensed users: view only, read, contribute, edit, full control, and even site collection admin. Since you're only licensing a few, you may want to consider Business Premium to give yourself more security controls, but you can always start with Basic and see if you need more functionality. Here's a great start on guests in SharePoint

Hope that helps!
Do you know if there is a max on unlicensed guest accounts per licensed users?