Sharepoint Files is on Read Only Mode when opened with Office Desktop

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Hello SharePoint Community,

Just wanted to know if you encountered similar issue wherein any Sharepoint files are on Read Only mode when opened with Office Desktop. 2 Tenants so far are affected. It was working before but 2 weeks ago is when the issue started.

Test made so far:
- No issue when accessing online 
- Found out that the affected users are using a different version of Office apps which consist of Pro Plus 2016 and Home and Business 2019 
- Non-affected users were using Apps for Business version ( case for both tenants)

- Had to switch the version of the affected users to Apps for Business to fix the issue 


- cannot find any documentation if there is a recent update that caused this issue for non-365 office version installed. 

Any insights is appreciated. Thank you 

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@RobertCant2255 I have the same issue, just happened a few days ago without any changes on my PC and account.

Office license: Office ProPlus 2016

we have the same issue. It seems to appear since the latest office updates for office 2016, 2019, 2021 home & business. not for office 365 users. if you open files on the office desktop app from sharepoint or onedrive via the browser then they are read-only. if you sync your sharepoint library or access the sharepoint files directly from the file->open menu of the office applications the files can be edited. also when you open files on the office webapps. I also noticed an increasing number of very recent posts about this problem on microsoft answers and reddit. so it seems to be a wide spear issue. hopefully microsoft releases a quick fix \ update on this issue. it's a pain....
they've just released an update, now it seems to be fine again

@hannes_egger I still had users on Home and Business 2019 but they didn't get any update. It just says up to date. May I know when did yours got updated? 

@RobertCant2255 Hi, I saw yesterday that there was again an update available when I clicked on any office application on file->account->update->update now. It was \ is available for 2016, 2019, 2021. My version is now 2208 build 15601.20538

That seems to be an older version, but it works again :)

Our Admin just told me he activated the "Monthly Enterprise Channel" via gpo, so basically what we did was a downgrade and that's why it ok again


I've just resolved this issue for one of our clients.


I had to downgrade office 2021 to the previous build version using the below command after disabling automatic updates within office:


"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\officec2rclient.exe" /update user updatetoversion=16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy

(xxxxx.yyyyy = build version you require, so in my case it was 16026.20146)


User can now open documents and edit them as normal