SharePoint files duplicating with Computer Name suffix

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My users have synced a SharePoint folder so that they can upload and access files via their File Explorer. This issue is occurring when users are uploading their files via Filer Explorer


When files are getting uploaded there are instances where the computer name is added as a suffix, and then repeats until the file is saved multiple times in the folder with all previous versions corrupted. I haven't been able to re create this error myself and it's only happening intermittently so I thought it may have been an issue with the user or file type, but I've heard that it's happening occasionally to others. Has anyone seen this or overcome this? I've found this article but it has not resolved the issue.

2 photos below for reference 

image (2).pngimage (3).png

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@Kelly_Edinger Thanks for the response, I don't have the office tab visible in my onedrive settings which is annoying. It seems this issue is popping up a little bit based off some questions out there that i can't see why it's disappeared. 
The Sync Centre in control panel as well doesn't have the option to choose to merge changes or keep both copies.