SharePoint Files and folders mixed with old ones after sync.

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Hi All,
We need help with the issue. Two days ago in the user's profile, the old historical data was synchronized within the organizational SharePoint files and folders. During the synchronization, the old files and folders were restored (mixed) to the cloud from the user's computer. These uploaded objects were already deleted or moved to other destinations in the cloud. We are looking for the trick on how to remove ONLY uploaded information during this synchronization from a particular user, without affecting the order of objects that were already previously existing. The second problem is that other users have already created/changed the files and folders during today and yesterday and we'd like to preserve these files and folders.

Say - remove all performed changes to files and folders during a particular day and time window.
I hope that someone has an answer or advice.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Thank you, Kelly. The article is beneficial for Documents. I have found this feature, and it is a handy option. Unfortunately, in our case, the section to restore is a "Home" directory (above "Documents"), and it has no "Restore This Library" option for the Shared Documents. See the attached screenshot.
I appreciate your kind help!


Maybe some additional advice will be posted.

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The screenshot you've shared is for the site, not the library. Click on the 'Shared Documents' header or go to Site Contents and then the Library and click the settings cog from their to get to Library settings rather than site settings.
Hi, dear Kelly,
Thank you once again for pointing out the possible issue resolution!
I used this option, and it was somehow helpful. We partially fixed the situation.
It looks like we will need to implement some additional level of backup solution to be able to restore historically deleted or remove accidentally added files and folders (mainly) as a result of two-way synchronization between updated cloud storage and outdated changes that were uploaded during synchronization from user's local PC & affected an excellent structure and versioning in the cloud.
We checked and recognized that many outdated files and mainly folders were synced to the cloud and not reflected in the object's change history after PC-to-SharePoint synchronization.
My sincere gratitude for your time and care! I wish you all the best!
Happy to hear there was some relief!