SharePoint file viewer webpart videos


Anyone having issues with the file viewer webpart on modern SharePoint pages, currently when you insert a file viewer webpart and point it to a sharepoint video *.mp4 that is hosted on a sharepoint library it is no longer rendering out the play button correctly.


See below for the screenshot, was wondering if this is a font /styling issue that others are experiencing as well, its causing some confusion for users apparently not knowing how to click the play button now it has a strange icon instead of a play button.






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@NightmareRambo77 It is working fine on our SharePoint sites.


I have added the .mp4 file in document library & then added path of video in file viewer web part. It is showing the play/pause button correctly.


Which release options you are using, Standard or Targeted release ?

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I'm on target release, but seems to show up weird for other users as well, its like the font / icon just isn't rendering or is wrong now , hopefully Microsoft resolve it themselves :)